Indian Creek, Memorial Day Weekend, 2005

We were looking for something a little different for Memorial 2005 -- a place that we have never been to before.  We have been to Onamia so many times in the last few years, that it was starting to get kind of boring, so we wound up at Indian Creek.  The site for this event was actually brand new.  The former site had to be abandoned -- I'm not sure why. 

The new site was definitely green.  They had dug a small mud pit, but only had a layer of clay in it.  This held the water great, but it wouldn't mix into anything that could get anyone stuck.  They needed to bring in some black dirt, or at least some other type of soil that would soak up the water and get mushy.
There weren't any significant changes for me this year -- just a good cleaning, and the usual maintenance, with the exception of tearing down and rebuilding the rear axle.  It turns out that my seals were leaking (the wrong way), and at some point I got a LOT of mud in the housing.  Apparently, I ran this way for some time, because it had all mixed up into this sort of molasses like slurry of clay and 90wt.  Let's just say I had a really fun time cleaning it out.


I finally managed to get Brian to get his truck "DBS" out of mothballs to run at this one too.  I helped him build this truck five years ago, and it made it's first and up until this weekend's only run on Labor Day weekend 2005.

That was back when Highlander was still co-owned by me and Jason, and was out of commission due to a bent frame - the one that caused me to build the new frame.

These first few shots show Brian's truck stretching it's legs.  This was a good ego building pit for everyone there.  I don't think I saw a single truck get stuck all day long - unless they got the plugs wet!

Of course after five years off, it's a good idea to make sure everything is still attached and running properly.  I think that you can see from the big grin on his face that everything checked out A-OK.

Of course if Brian can't get stuck, you know that Highlander won't.  There were no alternatives, and we had come all this way - there has to be some way to have a bit more fun....

Ah yes, SPEED!


We sort of turned it into a game of Where's Waldo - the mud truck version.  Can you find the mud truck in each of these pictures????

(hint - if you can't see the truck, look for the exhaust plumes)

Of course, there is only so long that you can do laps around a dirty puddle.

Here are a few more pictures from before we lost interest.

We packed it up before the end of the day.  There just wasn't really anything more to do.

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