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All of the events listed in this page have been submitted by visitors over the years.  Some of them are reliable annual events that have been provided to me with detailed information.  Others are sent to me with little to no information besides the name.  I have even been sent some without the dates!  The moral of the story is, please be sure to call or otherwise contact the individual or group that is sponsoring these events.  I am not usually notified if they have been cancelled or moved!  I have also removed any of the entries that I had in the page that didn't have any contact information.  My apologies if your event was moved.

I have just finished a BRAND NEW Event Map page.  My plan is for the event map to eventually take over the events page itself.  It allows event organizers to submit and edit/delete their own events.  I spent a lot of time creating this, so I hope you find it usefull.

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Featured Events:

    United States  
  Piney Woods Festival September
    In perry, Florida we have a piney woods festival in september every year.
we have a 400 acre field with a 4 acre pond. For more information contact
Padgett Brothers Transmissions
Keaton Beach Road, Perry, FL 32347
(850) 584-6535
  Panhandle Four Wheelers  
    Pensacola, Florida is home to the fastest 200' track in the nation. We the Panhandle Four Wheeler's Inc. hosted an NMRO All Star Nationals where Awesome Orange set a record 2.98 and Super Trooper, who set an unofficial record of 1.91, backed it up with a 1.93 run at our track in 1996. We hold Charity fund raisers with these races, presently having donated over $130,000.00 to the Children's Miracle Network Telathon and $20,000.00 to the Hadji Shriners. We also support several local groups. Presently we are finishing up the 1998 year with a Nov. 14, day race. Our 1999 season will start in March. Our area is presently getting the Southern Mud Racing Association ( SMRA) put together. Included in the group is Sikes Creek Mud Track ,Dwayne Skipper 850-956-4440, and Wagon Wheel Mud Drags, Steve Batson 850-537-4520, and Panhandle Four Wheeler's Inc. ( Mud Boggin Panhandle Style) Andy Anderson 850-626-8688
Thanks for the page Andy Anderson
  Cottonwood Mud Bog July 19, 1998
    This mud bog years ago was famous in the area because of the mud hole. It was a competition to see if they could even make to the other side. We allow any and all vehicles to participate, such as snowmobiles, and 4-wheelers. Classes are determined by amount of participants. Cost to get in to watch is $5.00. Cost to participate currently unknown.
For more information, e-mail:
Also, another run in Aug or Sept.
  West Terre Haute Oct 3-4, 1998
    Races will be held at Sugar Creek Mud Racing. Sat. Oct 3, mud drags start at 2:00 p.m Sunday Oct.4, mud bogs start at 12:00 p.m
For further info. you can contact
  Indianapolis (?) Oct 25-27, 1998
    4x4 jamboree held at the Indy county fair grounds.
For more information, call 812-346-8267
Wyandotte County Fair -- 2000 Mud Madness Aug 4-5, 2000
NEORVCA 1999 Schedule of Events
  MUD & MORE May 6-7, 2000
    Buffalo, MN
Log hill, stump climbs, mud pits, grease hill, obstacle course & more. On-site camping & food.
For more details follow the link, or call (612) 525-1718
June 17-18, 2000
July 15-16, 2000
Sept 9-10, 2000
Mid-Missouri Off-Roaders  -- 1999 Events held mainly in eastern Missouri
Events have "mid-depth" pits and classes for any type of vehicle.  All events are held in East Central Missouri.
Class Rules
  |  General Rules  |  Event Flyer
For more information contact the numbers in the links above, or mail to:
Mid-Missouri Off-Roaders  P.O. Box 702  Union, MO  63056
New Hampshire
Mud Bog Boogie Aug 22, 1999
East Swanzie, NH
The East Swanzie "Mud Bog Boogie" has been an annual event since about 1985 each fall at the local fair grounds.  The event, put on by the local fire department, features on site food vendors and multiple truck classes including Powder Puff.  The event benefits the East Swanzie volunteer fire department.
Event name unknown, Sutherlin Oregon Aug 22, 1999
Mud drags & bog, contact for more information.
  Delta Fire Dept. 2nd annual mud races, Delta UT June 6, 1998
    HMRA event
All proceeds to go to the burn center.
Contact the Delta Fire Dept. Delta UT. 84624 (801) 864-2834
  Trollhaugen Memorial Weekend
    Trollhaugen Ski Area; Dresser, WI
Administered by the Minnesota Go-Four Wheelers
  CMRO Mud Races, Andrew, Alberta July 3,4, & 5, 1998
    Sat. 3-8pm Sun. 1-5pm
Dale 403-367-2581
Ted 403-365-3590

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